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The Crazy Kite idea


What you can expect at Crazy Kite

Sport has always been an integral and important part of Peter's life. He found his element in the water at an early age. First as a lifeguard and rescue diver with the water rescue in Germany. Later he became a snowboard instructor (professional freerider) and since 1998 an enthusiastic kiter.In 2007 he passed his exam as VDWS kite instructor and since then he taught at different kite spots around the globe.
2012 he discovered the Ilha do Guajiru, one of the biggest saltwater lagoons in the northeast of Brazil and teaches there during the winter months.
2018 he opened his own kite school at the Pousada Guajiru Kitesafari. After he got the nickname - Crazy Pete - from his students because of his daredevil actions, he named the kite school Crazy Kite Brasil

Pete, why did you decide to open your kite school and why in Brazil?

I wanted to realize my ideas of a high quality education. I have been an instructor at many kitespots, but rarely have I been able to teach the way I thought kitesurfing classes would be useful for the students. In Brazil I find now the perfect conditions for a kite school. Steady wind, always warm and a huge space to kite

What are your requirements for kite training?!

It is important to me that the students are introduced to kiting with a lot of fun. They should be safe and independent kiters after a course. Personal feedback is also important for me.

How do you go about this?

There is no standard method from me. Every person learns differently, so I focus on my students individually. I build the lessons based on this accordingly.

What can I expect as a student when I do a beginner course with you?

For me it is not important that you kite perfectly after the course! For me it is important that when you take the kite in your hands, you do not endanger yourself or others with it! This includes many aspects such as the correct assessment of wind and water conditions, the confident handling of the material and the safety systems.

And if I am already a kiter with more experience?

Then I pick you up at your individual level and develop your kite skills together with you.Since I have found that very often different types of lessons are useful, there are different options for the students. At the - Advanced Camp - for example, you will always get tips and help when you need it. And if you need time to practice and progress, we will observe and give you feedback later.

What does kiting mean for you?

Kiting is an integral part of my life. I love being on and in the water, being in contact with people and pushing myself together with friends. You can always push your level. There are almost no limits. It doesn't matter if it's wind or distance.

Where is your personal limit with wind?

My upper limit was with an 8qm ocean rodeo kite at 54 knots... until now. (grins)

And what was the longest distance you have ever ridden?

At the moment my longest daily distance is about 200km. However, I still have my longest downwinder ahead of me. And if it goes according to plan it will be a world record.

Ok, now we understand where the name - Crazy Pete - comes from!